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Course Detail

Art and Craft Class

Art and Craft - KiddieArts

Enhance your Children build to build their own World through their drawings and Craft Works. The Children are taught with the basic technique of Drawing and Sketching. Improve their Creativity through various craft work.

Kiddie Arts is a program that aims on exploring the aesthetic and creative treasures within children. Our indigenous program accentuates on expanding the creative horizons of kids, along with giving them an identity of artisans.

“Art is a subtle expression of one’s thoughts.”

  • Polishing the power of imagination in children and converting it into novel arts is our forte. We encourage children to learn artistic ways of presenting their ideas.
  • It is a proven fact that even before a child begins to speak, its state of mind can be gauged through its scribbles on walls or papers.
  • We make our students standout among the crowd for their creative abilities, not only in the World of Art, but also in the entire journey of learning and education.

Course Highlights

  • Kids gain immense confidence when they SHARE their artistic knowledge with their peers.
  • Self-made objects of art learnt at Kiddie Arts allow the kids to gift or share it with friends and show them their love.
  • Exclusive course material
  • These giving away of presents not only has a personal touch, with a high level of satisfaction but also imbibes the quality of sharing.
  • Customized courses for students

Latest Courses

We are associated with the fastest growing, children’s brain enhancement program in the world! With its advanced formula designed to meet the challenging demands of today’s young generation. We help the dreams of students come true. We offer a list of unique programs which cater to the development needs of our young learners.

Abacus Brain Development
Abacus Skill Development

Abacus Fun Learning

Master Mind Abacus classes offer a specialized course, that is proven as a “Brain Development Program” for children.

We at Master Mind work in accordance with child’s psychology. We understand the importance of ‘play’ in a child’s life and implement playful methods in our lessons, to make their experience joyful and memorable translating into effective learning.

English Communication Class
English Communication

Confident Communication

Confident Communicators Program (CCP) module is a comprehensive development for the children.

We deliver a training module which is a blend of syllabus recommended by Cambridge University (U.K) and the Trinity Board (U.K) we focus on developing all four skills in children.

We are more focued on delivering module in an interactive sessions where learning is fun.

Handwriting Class for Children
Handwriting Class

Handwriting Improvement

Write Right offers unique conceptual programs that provide all handwriting solutions as we analyze, repair, add speed and style to handwriting.

Our experts provide handwriting tips to beginners, students, adults and professionals.

Our innovative methods not only work on handwriting improvement, but also gives assistance in overcoming the technical errors in one's handwriting.

Brain Robotics Class
Brain Robotics

Robotics Fun Learning

Brain Robotics aims at providing children and youngsters with the right skills to expedite their learning and to express their creativity.

It is about helping children exploring their potentials and developing their life skills through STEM learning concepts.

We provide children with a continuous interactive fun learning experience in a safe environment.

Arabic Communication Class
Arabic Communication

Arabic for students

The Classes have clear objectives that contribute to your overall progress and move you closer to achieving your individual language goals. We will give you structured learning tasks and guide you through the way to help you improve your Arabic Language.

The Classes helps them in School Syllabus as well us the Concepts and Meaning of the Lesson given in the book.

Vedic Maths Class
Vedic Maths

Vedic Maths Fun Learning

Vedic mathematics is a high-speed system that allows solving numerical problems with ease.

The ancient Indian mathematical system encourages the use of one’s innovativeness, intuitions and logical thinking abilities. It is a means of optimizing the performance of a student in a classroom, at work place or elsewhere. It minimizes the use of pen and paper, and encourages mental maths, thus saving time.

Entrance exam Class
Foundation and Exam Preparation

Foundation and Exam Preparation

The aim of the Foundation Program is to provide courses in Mathematics and Science to make them a strong in Basics of the Courses in other term to give strong foundation in their studies.

The Foundation Program is to meet the learning outcomes and skill competencies. Our expert teachers will provide the foundation and learning support to help understand various subjects easier. The special Courses during Examinations are provided to the Children to improve Confidence and Various methodology of reading to Score high marks.