Winter camp

Winter camp @ Muhaisnah & Samari Retail, Ras Al Khor

We a have scheduled a special winter camp fun learning activities at our centre Brainpower in Muhaisnah 4, Dubai and our newly opened centre at Samari Retail, Ras Al Khor. Entertain your children with fun filled learning and give exictments, an opportunity to your children to enjoy the holidays in an interactive way while learning new skills. Activities includes Ice Skating and outings much more..

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Exclusive evening sessions

We also have exclusive evening sessions, below list of courses for you to gain knowledge and learning

Course Highlights

  • Crash foundation courses
  • English language for kids
  • Art and Craft for kids
  • Handwriting improvement classes

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After school

Activities for children

We have unique after school activities all under one roof,specially designed for our children. With its advanced formula designed to meet the challenging demands of today’s young generation. We help the dreams of students come true. We offer a list of unique programs which cater to the development needs of our young learners.

Unique Courses

  • Abacus Skill Development
  • English Communication
  • Hand Writing Improvement
  • Calligraphy
  • Vedic Maths
  • Naughty Maths
  • Kiddie Arts
  • Brain Robotics
  • Arabic Communication
  • Speed Writing
  • Speed Reading

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Entrance Exam

Foundation Program

Students should envisage their future at their early age in this competitive world now a day. They should be more focused on their goals right from the age 13, it is very much imperative for them to make distinct out of the group to succeed in their life.

Every child can Achieve, if,
Properly motivated,
Strictly monitored,
Frequently evaluated
Scientifically taught
and Empathetically cared

We are here to Help you..

Course Highlights

  • Goal setting, motivation and presentation skills.
  • Well-developed course material.
  • Focused on fundamentals of Science and Mathematics.
  • Exam writing skills.
  • Brain Development & Memory Techniques
  • Learning new analytical skills and problem solving skills.
  • Parent awareness seminar and workshops.

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Handwriting Improvement

Hand Writing Improvement

Hand-writing classes for children in Muhaisnah

Write Right offers unique conceptual programs that provide all handwriting solutions as we analyze, repair, add speed and style to handwriting. Our experts provide handwriting tips to beginners, students, adults and professionals. Our innovative methods not only work on handwriting improvement, but also gives assistance in overcoming the technical errors in one's handwriting.

Programs we offer

World Fastest Handwriting Improvement Program with 100% Results - Repair your handwriting in 7 days
Repair your handwriting in 7 days
A unique program designed for improving handwriting of beginners, students, adults, and professionals in 7 days with 100% results. Our handwriting analysts have identified 56+ types of possible errors in English handwriting. They suggest corrective measures accordingly, which help in forming proper shapes and sizes of letters, joining and the right amount of spacing between them, so that they make readable words and sentences.

Add speed and elegance to your handwriting in 15 days
Add speed and elegance to your handwriting 100% Results
It is generally believed that when one writes fast, the quality of handwriting deteriorates. We have broken this myth and developed an innovative speed writing program, structured for 15 days to deliver 100% results. It is designed after analyzing handwriting of a large number of people. The technique is synced with music, where a person subconsciously writes as the music beats changes, with a conscious focus on how he has to write. This thereby increases the writing speed without affecting legibility of the writing.

Explore Your Artistic Instincts - Make your fonts aesthetic in 15 Days
Calligraphy - Make your fonts aesthetic in 15 Days
Calligraphy is a style of writing and creating fonts, alphabets, words and designs in an attractive way. Our calligraphy program gives emphasis on creativity by training those who have the zeal towards art, designs etc. In our 15 days calligraphy course, one can learn the basic and advanced forms including beautifying alphabets and various blueprints on any surface. Calligraphy encourages creating numerous designs and fonts.

Improve the quality and quantity of reading - Accelerate your reading speed in 10 Days
Speed reading - Accelerate your reading speed in 10 Days
The ability to read with speed and go through books, other printed or hand-written material and online sources to gather and retain information effectively is called speed reading. Speed reading ability develops unflinching concentrations, resulting into better understanding and retention of subject matter by optimum utilization of study hours reflecting in the form of higher grades. Our program includes effective use of punctuations by eliminating all vocal barriers while reading and thus help students cover larger syllabus in less number of hours.

Foundation courses for Grade 8, 9 & 10
IIT - JEE / AIEEE Engineering entrance preparation
AIIMS / AIPMT Medical entrance preparation
Abacus Skill Development | English Communication | Handwriting Improvement
Art & Painting | Summer Camp | Spring Camp | Winter Camp

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