Winter camp

Winter camp @ Muhaisnah & Samari Retail, Ras Al Khor

We a have scheduled a special winter camp fun learning activities at our centre Brainpower in Muhaisnah 4, Dubai and our newly opened centre at Samari Retail, Ras Al Khor. Entertain your children with fun filled learning and give exictments, an opportunity to your children to enjoy the holidays in an interactive way while learning new skills. Activities includes Ice Skating and outings much more..

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Exclusive evening sessions

We also have exclusive evening sessions, below list of courses for you to gain knowledge and learning

Course Highlights

  • Crash foundation courses
  • English language for kids
  • Art and Craft for kids
  • Handwriting improvement classes

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After school

Activities for children

We have unique after school activities all under one roof,specially designed for our children. With its advanced formula designed to meet the challenging demands of today’s young generation. We help the dreams of students come true. We offer a list of unique programs which cater to the development needs of our young learners.

Unique Courses

  • Abacus Skill Development
  • English Communication
  • Hand Writing Improvement
  • Calligraphy
  • Vedic Maths
  • Naughty Maths
  • Kiddie Arts
  • Brain Robotics
  • Arabic Communication
  • Speed Writing
  • Speed Reading

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Entrance Exam

Foundation Program

Students should envisage their future at their early age in this competitive world now a day. They should be more focused on their goals right from the age 13, it is very much imperative for them to make distinct out of the group to succeed in their life.

Every child can Achieve, if,
Properly motivated,
Strictly monitored,
Frequently evaluated
Scientifically taught
and Empathetically cared

We are here to Help you..

Course Highlights

  • Goal setting, motivation and presentation skills.
  • Well-developed course material.
  • Focused on fundamentals of Science and Mathematics.
  • Exam writing skills.
  • Brain Development & Memory Techniques
  • Learning new analytical skills and problem solving skills.
  • Parent awareness seminar and workshops.

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About Brainpower

Brainpower is a Dubai based Talent Development Centre focused on child and adult talent development programs in and around Dubai and other emirates of UAE. We are associated with the fastest growing, children’s brain enhancement program in the world! With its advanced formula designed to meet the challenging demands of today’s young generation. We help the dreams of students come true. Our behavioral and mangement training make the journey to success easy for professionals and adults.

Our Vision & Mission

Vision: To create and distribute world class programmes which make a significant impact on the development of children and their hidden talents.

Mission: Our Mission is to transform young children into a new breed of courageous, confident and skillful prodigies ~ the next generation of highly skilled, socially responsible members of the society with extra ordinary talents and skills. Upon successful completion, they will indeed have a clear advantage and competitive edge over others who have been held back by uninventive, unproductive, conservative and old fashioned teaching methods. Inherent in the Abacus system of developmental education is a novel dynamism that will remain with the student for a lifetime!

Core Values

Brainpower will add value in achieving the following goals for the customers in Dubai. Every child in UAE is entitled to experience this powerful brain development programme.

Foundation courses for Grade 8, 9 & 10
IIT - JEE / AIEEE Engineering entrance preparation
AIIMS / AIPMT Medical entrance preparation
Abacus Skill Development | English Communication | Handwriting Improvement
Art & Painting | Summer Camp | Spring Camp | Winter Camp

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